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The golden m'norah which will be placed inside the Holy Place of the rebuilt 3rd Temple. 

And it shall be in the latter days that the mountain of the House of YHVH (Temple Mount) is established on the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills. And all nations shall flow to it.

And many peoples shall come and say, "Come, let us go up to the mountain of YHVH, to the House of the Elohim of Ya-a-qov (the rebuilt Temple), and let Him teach us His ways, and let us walk in His paths, for out of Tzion comes forth the Torah (teaching / instruction), and the Word of YHVH from Y'rushalai-im.

                                                                                                             [Y'shayahu (Isaiah) 2:2-3]


Shalom alaychem,

My name is Mayan Viljoen, and I would like to welcome you to what I call my Temple Talk site. I am an official fundraiser for The Temple Institute, Jerusalem, in South Africa, where I live.

Before I continue, I would like to make something abundantly clear to the reader. I am NOT, at all, an authority on the matters pertaining to the 3rd Temple (may we merit to see it being built, soon, in our day!), or for that matter, on any of the previous Temples of Almighty Elohim, or even His Tabernacle, which stood in the midbar (wilderness).

The truly excellent knowledge about these, above mentioned, matters belong to people like Rabbi Chaim Richman and Rabbi Yitzchaq Rueven of the Temple Institute, among many others, from various organizations. When I consider the vast knowledge of Elohim and that which pertains to Him and His Kingdom, these people possess, I, in the words of a precious lady from the Logos Baptist Church, in Brackenfell, near Cape Town,  just fall silent and, am truly humbled, at the same time.

I may not, ever, possess the knowledge of a Chaim Richman or a Yitzchaq Rueven,  but I, most certainly, have a dream, and I must believe that its origen is from ABOVE. You can read all about this dream in the "About  Me" page, from paragraphs 4 - 11.

There is so much to learn (today, more than ever before, I realize just how very little I know), so much to discuss, so much to teach . . . Where, on earth, shall we begin this journey of learning about our Heavenly Father's most Set-Apart House (Temple)?

Well, perhaps we can start with the photo on the left, top. This is the very m'norah (7 branch candlestick) that will be placed in the Set-Apart Place of Elohim's 3rd House. It is made of pure gold, by craftsmen the Temple Institute employed. I am speaking under correction, but I believe it is displayed, these days, somewhere in close proximity to the Western (or Wailing) Wall.  Yes, dear friends. The 3rd Temple will  be built . . . It will, moreover, not just be built in any old place, but exactly on the  spot where all the previous Temples of YHVH stood, i.e. on Temple Mount in the City of the Great King (T'hilim 48:2 refer)

Temple Mount is a rectangular platform of 35 acres. The latter equates to approximately 1/6 th of the size of today's Old City.

If you, perhaps, wonder where this certainty of the religious Jewish community, especially (and now my certainty, as well), that the Set Apart House of YHVH will be rebuilt, comes from, this, at least, is easy to answer. The answer is, of course . . . The Set Apart Scriptures, The Bible, if you like. Perhaps you have never realized this before, but Elohim's commandment in Sh'mot (Exodus) 25:8 to His people of old, in the midbar/desert was an everlasting commandment. Everlasting means  . . . pertaining to all time. Put another way . . .

Whenever the Jewish people are able ( . . . and we all know that they are in the land of Israel today, and they are certainly able, despite a couple of obsticles, even major obsticles, still blocking their progress), they have to build the House of their Elohim. There is no doubts about it . . . they will do it, in obedience to the command of their Elohim.

Here is a question for you. If it is clearly Elohim's will that the Jewish people should immediately build His Temple, once they are able to do so, if it is not standing on Temple Mount, at a specific time (exactly as the case is today), how can it then not be Elohim's will that His people of old make all the preparations for the construction of His 3rd Bayt Miqdash / Temple, at this very time? How? I would love to know . . .

And WHY, for that matter, would it then, almost, be viewed as the ultimate sin or the crime of the century (by, still, the majority of Christians, today), when someone, who grew up in the Christian Church , and who, today, is grafted into the commonwealth of Yisra-el, through faith in the Messiah, Yahushua, according to Romans chapter 11, (the latter, which is the clear teaching of Scripture, by the way!) should choose to get involved with the things pertaining to the building of Elohim's 3rd Set-Apart Temple? WHY? I do not understand this. Perhaps someone can explain it to me . . .  

Clearly the time has more than arrived, for us, as believers in His Mashi-ach (Messiah), even Yahushua,  to promptly, just stop to insist that our theology and understanding of the Word of Elohim is so wonderful (even if the latter is not actually proclaimed, it is definitely believed amongst His people, in this country, for sure! ) and to actually learn something from our Jewish brothers and sisters.

Think about it for just a moment . . . If we have supposedly got everything pertaining to our belief in Yahushua our Mesiah and His Word figured out so perfectly, why is it then that we can not even see something as GIGANTIC as the commandment to build and/or beautify His House (I am talking about the one which should stand on Temple Mount) in every generation? What does this say for our (by implication, as opposed to that of the Jewish people) so called . . . more excellent . . . understanding of The Scriptures?  I am just asking?

I must have heard and read T'hilim (Psalms) 2:6 hundreds of times, and only recently I have realized something about this scripture, which have been starring me in the face, all the time, without me seeing it, at all. Some call this kind of thing . . . spiritual blindness. Look at the words . . . "My Set-Apart Mountain". There can be little doubt that the latter refers to Temple Mount, in Jerusalem.

Furthermore, who is this scripture referring to, in the words . . . My Sovereign? If it is not referring to the Son of Elohim, even Yahushua (Yeshua) the Messiah, then who is it talking about? Clearly, the former is the only candidate worthy enough to fit this exalted profile.

There can be even less doubt that this entire Psalm awaits a future fulfillment. The amazing thing, however, is that the Hebrew  verb nasachti (translated, into English, as . . . I have set ) in verse 6, is, clearly, a Past Tense verb, which creates this kind of timeless aura around it all. The latter is, actually, an extremely common phenomenon in Scriptural Hebrew. Moreover, if this scripture is true for both the future and the past (as I have endeavoured to show, above), it only makes sense to me that it must hold true for the present, as well, in the truest  sense of said timeless effect.

Without any further ado, I will, therefore, now  tell you, in plain language, what I understand, these days, when I read T'hilim 2, and in particular verse 6, i.e. . . .  Yahushua our Messiah, the very ONE, who is the object of our love, devotion and worship, has got EVERYTHING to do with His physical Temple  standing on Temple Mount in Jerusalem, in all ages, past, present and future, EVERYTHING! . . .

And with respect to the futuristic element of this scripture, in particular, I underatand that . . . Yahushua our Messiah, Himself, will reign in His rebuilt Temple [this will, almost certainly, not happen in the soon to be built 3rd Temple, but rather in the 4th Temple, the one described in the latter chapters of the book of Y'chesqel (Ezekiel), the construction of which, so it is believed, Yahushua, Himself, will supervise], on Temple Mount, in Jerusalem, in the near future, for a period of just short of 1000 years.

Lastly, . . . it is an undisputable fact that the world is round. If you have been taught over an extended period of time that the world is square, and, finally, have come to accept the latter as a fact, the world is still round, . . . really! Likewise, the physical Temple of Almighty Elohim amongst His people (all His people) is one of THE major themes in Scripture. It will not just disappear and it  can not be denied. 

If the Christian theology, with which we have been brought up, and that we have now accepted as the truth, has completely failed to instruct us concerning one of THE major themes in The Scriptures, on the way, . . . it still remains one of THE major themes in The Scriptures, and always will, to the very end.

My dear brothers and sisters in Yahushua, we might be saved (and for this gift, we can not really, ever, thank our Heavenly Father enough), but there is a very real sense in which the, as yet, unsaved religious Jew, understands so much more about various aspects of The Scriptures, than we do. Does it not make sense to you (as it does to me) that the knowledge (with regard to Elohim and His Word) of the saved should surpass that of the, as yet, unsaved? ( . . . and with regard to the Jewish people, specifically, the latter still applies to the majority of these, living in our world, today) 

When are we going to grow up (in the sense of just admitting that we have much less understanding of several aspects of The Set-Apart Scriptures than, even, the simplest of religious Jews) ? 

When will we wake up, and smell the roses, so to speak, with regard to nothing less than massive themes (the Temple of YHVH is, by no means, the only one of these.) in His Word, of which we know and understand little more than nothing?, and . . .

When, on earth, are we going to catch up ?

Well . . . , when?

Come, come with me . . . and let us begin, TODAY to discover (with the help of all the wonderful material, which is available to us on the official website of the Temple Institute, at just why Elohim's PHYSICAL PRESENCE** (embodied in His Temple on Temple Mount, in Jerusalem) will always be utterly relevant in the lives of all His people, from every corner of our world, in every generation . . .  

Come . . .

B'ahavat Yahushua M'shichaynu / In the love of Yahushua our Messiah, 

Mayan Viljoen.


**  Please understand . . . With this statement I am, BY NO MEANS, EVER, denying the words of the Apostle Paul who compared our lives, our very bodies, as the blood bought children of Elohim, with A Temple of the Ru-ach ha-Qodesh (Set-Apart Breath/Wind of Elohim) in scriptures such as 1 Corinthians 3:16 & 17, 6:19 and 2 Corinthians 6:16.

I simply take it that HIS PRESENCE will, somehow, be embodied in both, i.e. His physical Temple, that will, once again stand on Temple Mount in Jerusalem, as well as in the very beings of all His blood bought children. If the above is not possible [Elohim (blessed be He), will know if it is, or isn't], I do not, at present, have another explanation . . .


Disclaimer with regard to the Temple Institute [], Jerusalem.

Dear Reader,

I, Mayan Viljoen, worship Yahushua, who was born in Bayt Lechem (Michah 5:2 & Luqas 2:11 refer), grew up in Natzeret (Yahuchanan 1:45-46) and laid down His life for the sins of His people, in Jerusalem, in ancient Israel, as the promised Messiah and my personal Saviour. The Temple Institute, in Jerusalem, for whom I work as an official fundraiser, in my country, of South Africa, is a Jewish Ultra Orthodox NPO (Non Profit Organization).

As far as I know (I might be mistaken in this), they do not, as an organization, at this time, believe that this, above mentioned, Yahushua is the promised Mashi-ach, a belief which I will always accept and respect, within the ranks of this particular organization as well as anywhere else, even though I will never agree with it. .

The very fact that the Temple Institute allows the likes of me to work for them, and especially to operate a website such as this one, is a living testimony (conclusive proof, if you like) of the healthy level of religious tolerance of the leadership of this organization. How much more peaceful our world would be if the Christian and Muslim world, in general, would only take a leaf, so to speak, out of this organization's book.

I, Mayan Viljoen, hereby, completely absolve the Temple Institute, in Jerusalem, as well as any/all of its employees and/or affiliates, world wide, of any liability, whatsoever, legally or otherwise, which might possibly arise from the opinions I express within the pages of this website, or from any other possible harmful and/or irresponsible statements made by me (may YHVH forbid!) in the course of any/all of my activities on behalf of this worthy organization.

Bichvod rav,

Mayan Viljoen.


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